Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Eat This Healthy Breakfast Recipe for Weight Loss!

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Are you looking for some healthy breakfast ideas? This is one healthy breakfast recipe I eat in the morning pretty regularly, and it will even fit into The Day-Off Diet plan if you remove the cheese. You could make lots of variations of this recipe, it’s just one of many healthy breakfasts you can make.

For example, you can remove the cheese to make this healthy breakfast recipe even better for you. Add in some vegetables, such as tomato or red peppers to make it even more flavorful and more healthy.

For those of you who are following The Day-Off Diet, you will probably want to remove the cheese. Cheese contains saturated fat, but I have to admit that I get a little sloppy on my nutrition here and there in the winter time. Come Spring time, we’ll clean up the diet even more.

This is just one of many healthy breakfast ideas that will fit into the Day Off Diet, or many diet plans to help you lose weight.

I hope this healthy breakfast recipe gives you some ideas about what you could eat in the mornings to start losing weight (fat) and get on the Fast Track to getting a 6 pack abs!

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